Ron Doucet P. Eng., MMP - Background

  • Ron is a Professional Engineer and electrical engineering technologist.
  • He is a certified Aladon RCM practitioner trained by John Moubray, the creator of RCM II.
  • He is a certified Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) and is authorized to teach the whole suite of MMP certification courses.
  • Ron has been improving the performance of departments and asset intensive companies as an employee and consultant combined for over 25 years.
  • Ron is bilingual, English and French, and offers consulting, training and mentoring in both languages.

RCM Experience  25 years Facilitation, Training,

  • Ron's Introduction to RCM started in 1995 where he had the opportunity to be trained, and more importantly, mentored by the best RCM practitioners in the world.
  • Ron led the initial site wide RCM pilot projects amongst doing and implementing many other RCM analyses.
  • In 1999 Ron had the privilege to be trained and mentored by John Moubray, the Head of the Aladon network, developer of the RCM II methodology, world recognized RCM expert and author of the best RCM book, RCM II.
  • Ron has been training and mentoring RCM facilitators ever since, in addition to facilitating and implementing RCM analyses.

RCM Based Improvement Processes

  • Due to business needs and a lack of valid improvement processes, Ron developed a series of RCM based improvement processes.
  • PMO Pro: A process to review and improve PM and Operator tasks.
  • RCS Pro: A process to review and determine required spares.
  • RCFA Pro: A process to reactively and proactively identify the causes of failures and prevent a reoccurrence.
  • RCPM Pro: A process to manage the life cycle of a project such that it delivers its intended functionality.
  • These best practice improvement processeshave been in use in many asset intensive industries for over 15 years.
  • RYKE provides the training,mentoring and facilitation servicesfor these processes, and RCM II through the Aladon network, in both English and French.


  • Improving business performance through sustainable non-capital solutions.
  • Transitioning companies from reactive to proactive asset management.
  • RCM at all levels: Training, Mentoring, Facilitation, Implementation.
  • Coaching and Mentoring at all levels from operator, trades to the CEO.
  • Alignment of company resources for culture change and success.
  • RCM2
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Spares Optimization
  • Maintenance/Operation Task Optimization
  • Implementation strategies for maintenance and operating tasks including Lean & TPM principles.


Ron Doucet P. Eng., MMP

The RYKE Way: Performance Turnaround and Operations Readiness:

  • Through practical experience, Ron developed a proven and repeatable process for improving the performance of asset intensive companies.
  • The RYKE way to Performance Turnarounds and Operations Readiness defines the culture of the organization where everyone is engaged in the sustainable performance of the assets.
  • The RYKE way defines:
    • How operators and maintainers interact with the equipment.
    • All workmanagement processes, roles and responsibilities.
    • Management systems: Meetings, reviews, leadership, etc.
  • For performance turnarounds, the RYKE way defines how to make the transition.
  • For Operations Readiness, the RYKE way ensures that the tasks, processes, the desired culture exists and all are executable and sustainable at start-up.
  • During a performance turnaround or an operations readiness initiative, Ron works with and at all levels in the organization to ensure the success of the initiative.
  • Ron's Operational and real change management experience, where he had to lead the changes in his own area while managing the day to day demands of production, is a large part of what has made these change processes so proven and so successful.

RYKE Focus and Deliverables

  • RYKE is focused on delivering non capital solutions that deliver sustainable and continued improvements.
  • RYKE is focused on increasing the capacity of their customers' employees such that they become self-sufficient for all asset management activities and improvements.
  • RYKE builds relationships with thier clients and with thier clients' employees at all levels in the organization.
  • RYKE is focused on delivering tangible and practical solutions.
  • RYKE delivers solutions and focuses everyone on core business activities while decreasing your day to day work load. We deliver solutions...not more work.
  • RYKE delivers a culture where information flows up and comes from the right people.
  • RYKE will deliver or guide the "How To" along with the "What To" because we have lived it and done it.

A Consultant with Operational Experience:

  • Unlike many other consultants, Ron has had the opportunity to be responsible for the maintenance and operations of the many departments he has improved.
  • Armed with this experience, combined with his extensive RCM background, he was able to develop real life practical improvement and implementation strategies.
  • Ron has walked a day in others' shoes; his recommendations are practical, efficient and deliver fast results.
  • Ron builds relationships and communicates effectively with all levels in an organization, from the CEO to trades or operations personnel.
  • This experience enabled him to develop real life, proven and efficient, implementation strategies for successful performance turnarounds. This proven methodology for turnarounds and operations
    readiness, in addition to the improvement processes, have been used successfully
    in many different types of industries since.
  • RYKE associates, like Ron, all have had extensive field experience prior to consulting with RYKE.
  • All RYKE associates are trained in a combination of RCM, PMO Pro®, RCFA Pro®, RCS Pro®, as required, in addition to their field of expertise such as CMMS, Planning, Standard Job development, Lock OutTag Out systems, Mechanical trades skills, Electrical trades skills, etc.

Notable facts:

  • Ron has an honorable mention by the late John Moubray in his RCM2 book based on Ron's implementation success, support, and application of RCM2.
  • Ron is working on a book that will detail all of his RCM based improvement processes and will be used as part of the training material.
  • Ron has an intolerance for repetitive failures. This is what he told the General Manager at his first job interview with an asset intensive company. He got the job.