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The RYKE Way: Asset Management Improvement Solutions

Performance Turnarounds and Operations Readiness:

  • RYKE specializes in assisting asset intensive companies to improve their performance through non capital solutions.
  • The RYKE way to Performance Turnarounds and Operations Readiness defines the culture of the organization where everyone is engaged in the sustainable performance of the assets.
    • The RYKE way defines:
        • How operators and maintainers interact with the equipment.
        • All work management processes, roles and responsibilities.
        • Management systems: Meetings, reviews, leadership,CMMS, etc
        • For performance turnarounds, the RYKE way details how to make the transition.
        • For Operations readiness, the RYKE way ensures that the tasks, processes and culture exist and are executable and sustainable at start-up.
    • RYKE has extensive experience in either improving performance as part of a turn around strategy or setting up new sites for success as part of an operations readiness initiative.

      RYKE Improvement Processes

      • RCMII
        • As a member of the global Aladon network of RCM practitioners, RYKE reliability offers training, mentoring and implementation support along with RCM facilitation services to meet all RCM needs. RYKE has over 25 years of experience in performing RCM analyses and implementing the results. RYKE has given the 3 day RCM course to hundreds of people, given the 10 day facilitator course to many facilitators and provided mentoring to RCM facilitators from the analysis stage right through to successful implementation.
        • RYKE offers the 3 day Introduction to RCM, 10 day RCM facilitator training, 1 day 21st Century Asset Management seminar in addition to mentoring, implementation support and development of corporate wide asset management programs.
      • PMO Pro: Preventive Maintenance Optimization
        • An RCM based task optimization process used as part of the transition from a reactive to a proactive work management process. PMO Pro very quickly transforms current maintenance and operating tasks such that they support planned and scheduled maintenance. The process, in a very defensible manner, uses a decision logic diagram to ensure consistency and also ensures that tasks are safe to perform and are worth doing. The RYKE PMO process has been successfully in use and being continually improved for over 25 years.
        • RYKE offers the training, mentoring, decision diagram, forms, reference material and implementation tools to make the client self sufficient in applying this process to improve their maintenance practices.
      • RCFA Pro:Reliability Centered Failure Analysis¬†(RCFA)
        • An RCM based root cause failure analysis Process (RCFA). Most RCFA processes seek to identify root causes of the failure and have no formal process to identify defensible remedial actions. The¬†RCFA Pro process focuses on preventing a reoccurrence of the consequence by identifying all reasonably likely causes and then uses the RCM decision logic to formally develop remedial actions.
        • RYKE offers the training, mentoring and implementation tools to make the client self sufficient in identifying causes, remedial actions and implementation such that a reoccurrence of the consequence is prevented. RYKE processes ensure that remedial actions are defensible and safely implemented.
      • RCS Pro: Reliability Centered Spares - Spares Determination Process
        • The RCS Pro spares determination process is an RCM based process used to determine which slow moving spares needs to be kept available. The process seeks to prevent the consequences of a stock out by evaluating the real cost of stock holding vs. the full consequences of a stockout, including safety, environmental and operational consequences. The RCS Pro process also develops maintenance practices for the components in both the current and future operating contexts, which can potentially eliminate the initial need for the spare.
        • The RCS Pro process is a best practice process, which supports the company's core business and provides repeatability and defensibility through the use of a proven decision diagram. The RCS Pro process has been successfully applied in asset intensive industries for over 20 years.
        • RYKE offers the training, mentoring, decision diagram, forms and implementation tools to make the client self sufficient in applying the RCS Pro spares determination process.

      • RCPM Pro: Reliability Centred Project Management
        • Too often projects do not deliver their intended functions and require redesign to address performance, safety, maintainability issues in addition to the usual lack of SOP's, maintenance programs and spares available at start up.
        • RCPM Pro, an RCM based process, can integrate into any project management process, which ensures that at start-up, the project will operate as expected and be both operable and maintainable.
        • TheRCPM Pro process also results in minimizing the risk of future catastrophic failures and ensures that maintenance and operating tasks are safe to do.
        • The process is defensible and meets or exceeds requirements for projects to be supported by a HAZOP type of analysis and Job safety Analyses (JSA) often required by legislation.
        • RYKE offers the training, mentoring, decision diagram, forms and implementation tools to make the client self sufficient in applying the RCPM Pro project management process.

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